Var kommer du ifrån? – Om att vara någonstans ifrån / Where are you from? (On Being from Somewhere), Swedish translation, 2021

Where are you from? (On Being From Somewhere) / Da dove vieni? (Sul Provenire da Qualche Parte) Bilingual ed. first pub. by Studio Rizoma in Pandemos, 2020

Termite Cities, Column in Royal Netherlands Institute Rome’s monthly newsletter issue #46, 03.2021

Blood, Sweat, and Fears published on 2020

Those Who Handle It, essay by Isabelle Sully on “Permissions AKA Loving With Both Hands”, Nero editions, 2020

Farocki’s Living Room, Harun Farocki Institut, audio journal, 2018

Translation as Method, editorial in Kunstlicht journal, 2017

Deep Body Massage, booklet about “Deep Body Massage” with texts by Angela Serino, Jan Adriaans, Nina Glockner and Martin La Roche, 2016

How To Lose Your Voice, video-text, 2013