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If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to eat it: On July 1st, KNIR's Artist-in-Residence Marianna Maruyama (The Hague) will present her ongoing work, Nile Blue A in the company of biologist Dr. Silvia Ghesini (University of Bologna) who has an extensive knowledge of termites and their specific case history in Rome.

Online registration here.

06.-07.2021, Artist in Residence at KNIR Rome


Where are you from? Da dove vieni? (2020)

Blood, Sweat and Fears (2020)

Termite Cities (2020)

Interview in Dutch about Nile Blue A (2021)


Marianna Maruyama is an artist and writer living in The Hague. She is interested in love, labour, and translation. Her work has been performed and exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL), documenta14 Parliament of Bodies, Kassel (DE), The Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam (NL), Manifesta 11, Zurich (CH), The Centraal Museum, Utrecht (NL), and IMPAKT festival, Utrecht (NL) and CAC Vilnius (LT).  Selected publications include: Performing Security (The Fifth Season, 2019); Translation as Method (Kunstlicht, 2017), Three Movements (Casco/DAI, 2013), Farocki’s Living Room (Harun Farocki Institut, 2018). Since 2016, she has been an artist-researcher at the invitation of the Sedje Hémon Foundation in The Hague.